Hitchcock: A Blogathon

The Blog of the Society for United States Intellectual History is featuring daily essays on Alfred Hitchcock. The best so far is the introduction, a lengthy comparison of Hitchcock and his English contemporary Michael Powell (Red Shoes) by Ben Alpers, which places Hitchcock in the context of post-war Hollywood.

Also lovely is Raymond J. Haberski’s meditation on Notorious and on Hitchcock’s role in making Cary Grant the iconic figure he became in the 1960s, a point made by Pauline Kael.

On The Birds (including a link to a clip of Zizek interpreting, I didn’t dare to click on it).

The Rear Window as a reflection of Cold War angst.

I really didn’t begin to get Hitchcock’s genius until the theatrical re-release of North by Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window, and Rope in the 1980s. Then I was hooked and I still am.