Clergy respond to the shooting of Tony Ferguson

Clergy of Madison and Dane County have written a letter in response to the killing of Tony Robinson. In it, we write:

We grieve the loss of one of our own, a child raised and educated in our city, a member of our community, and a member of the human family whose life ended too soon and in a manner that has shocked and disturbed us all….

We call upon you, the people who have been entrusted with the power to effect change in the policies and practices that undergird and perpetuate the disparities in our communities, to enter into dialog with this community and with us as we do our part to address the attitudes, bias, and prejudices that allow racism to go unchallenged and unchecked in our community.

We commit to examining our own failure to challenge the racism and bias within our communities, in the ways that we do our theology, and in our failure to preach and advocate for justice and equality.


The full test is available here: 5503216db2f1a.pdf

The list of signatories is here: 5503216f8b434.pdf

Pat Schneider’s article from the Capital Times is available here:

1 thought on “Clergy respond to the shooting of Tony Ferguson

  1. This is a very moving statement from the Madison and Dane County clergy and the beginning of an action plan to address racial inequities in the Madison area. We all have a role we must play. Kudos to the clergy for taking a stand.

    Kathy Harker

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