2 Poems for Christmas by R. S. Thomas


What is Christmas without
snow? We need it
as bread of a cold
climate, ermine to trim

our sins with, a brief
sleeve for charity’s
scarecrow to wear its heart
on, bold as a robin.”

from Later Poems (1983)

Hill Christmas

They came over the snow to the bread’s
purer snow, fumbled it in their huge
hands, put their lips to it
like beasts, stared into the dark chalice
where the wine shone, felt it sharp
on their tongue, shivered as at a sin
remembered, and heard love cry
momentarily in their hearts’ manger.

They rose and went back to their poor
holdings, naked in the bleak light
of December. Their horizon contracted
to the one small, stone-riddled field
with its tree, where the weather was nailing
the appalled body that had asked to be born.

–from “Laboratories of the Spirit” (1975)

1 thought on “2 Poems for Christmas by R. S. Thomas

  1. Hello, Jonathan! I see that you and I share a fondness for R. S. Thomas’ works. My family line includes mostly Welsh folk on my late father’s side, so this post was a delightful reminder of the poet.

    With every good wish to you for health, joy, and blessings in the coming year and beyond,

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