A Prayer of Giving Thanks

by Mark Sandlin

Good and gracious God,

There is a tension that comes
with giving thanks.

Even as we recognize
and are grateful for
the blessings in our lives,
we are confronted with
enjoying our abundance
as we recognize the reality
that there are those
who have far too little.

Even as we celebrate a holiday
with roots which reach back
to the beginnings of our nation,
we are confronted with
the reality of
the genocide and slavery
upon which it was found.

We do not forget these things.
We do not celebrate them.
We do not give thanks for them.

In this our tale of Thanksgiving,
they are the terrible storyline
which we must not forget.

Our pride,
our arrogance
and our pursuit of possessions
have constantly stood
alongside of our blessings
as a reminder.

They remind us why we give thanks.

They remind us that life
is sacred and fragile
and that we
are its biggest threats.
They remind us that we do not want
to be those people again,
people who lord over others
and are self-adsorbed and self-important.

They remind us to appreciate
what we do have.

So, we give thanks.

We give thanks for this moment.
We give thanks for the things
that are right about the world
right now,
in this moment.
We give thanks for family and friends.
We give thanks for love and laughter.
We give thanks for grace and good company.

We give thanks for the tension
we find in a day like today
because it provides us the insight
and the motivation
to create better tomorrows.
Not just for ourselves,
not just for our families,
not just for our friends
but for the world.

So, today and everyday,
we give thanks
and we work to create a world
that gives more reasons
for which to be thankful.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Giving Thanks

  1. Jonathan, what an honest and challenging prayer this is! Bill and I will add this prayer to the others that we customarily say on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a treasure. Thank you very much for sharing it on your Blog!

    Gratefully, Susan /The Ven. Susan R. Mueller Archdeacon, The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee /

  2. Dear Brother, Thank you so much for the strengthening message and much pleased, please pray for us and for the the outreaches we do for our Lord in these idolatry places in India. in JESUS LOVE, Evangelist Babu.


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