Barth’s advice to a pastor

“But if I had to begin anew for myself as a young pastor, I would tell myself every morning, well, here I am; a very poor creature, but by God’s grace I have heard something. I will need forgiveness of my sins everyday. And I will pray, God, that you will give me the light, this light shining in the Bible and this light shining into the world in which humanity is living today. And then do my duty.”

Karl Barth, from KYRIE ELEISON: Karl Barth and the Pastorate


1 thought on “Barth’s advice to a pastor

  1. Was it not Karl Barth who said – God will reveal God’s self to the world. Or something akin to that (probably would say “Himself”, not God’s self). It always stuck in my mind, and I still believe that, and think of the many ways that happens every day of our lives and between people — who actually live out that revelation, but don’t think they are spiritual people.



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