Margery Kempe 1995-2013

We came home last night after a wonderful dinner with friends to find Margery had died. She was in her bed in front of the gas stove where she had spent much of her time over the last couple of months. She seemed to have had a peaceful end after a very difficult few days. As I mentioned in a previous post, Margery was a wonderful and feisty cat, very affectionate who loved life and persevered through a great deal.

A few more pictures of her:

as a kitten (she spent over a month in isolation in a spare bedroom after coming to us for fear that she might infect Maggie Pie). We would go in and spend time with her and she loved to play as most kittens do:

margeryplayingAfter she emerged permanently from her isolation chamber, she shared living quarters with us and for nearly eight years with the “magnificent” Maggie Pie. The two never really got along. This picture sums up their relationship:


But my favorite photo of Margery may be this one. It’s probably from her second Christmas with us:


And special thanks to the vets that cared for her over the years, especially the staff at Lakeview Veterinary Clinic who accompanied us on her final journey.

Let light perpetual shine upon her and may she be warm and have lots of good things to eat and embraced by love.

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