A Backyard Baptism: Bishop Tom Shaw is surprised by grace

I’ve written a good deal about baptism and eucharist on this blog. What I’ve written only hints at the extent of the debate going on in the church and depth of disagreement. It’s useful to step back occasionally and listen to stories.

Here’s one of the best I’ve read recently. Bishop Tom Shaw of Massachusetts tells the story of a rather unconventional baptism. It’s a reminder to all of us that the assumptions we make and the language we use often can be barriers to encounters with the sacred, and prevent us from seeing God’s grace at work in the world around us.


1 thought on “A Backyard Baptism: Bishop Tom Shaw is surprised by grace

  1. I love the story! How many debates have we heard about Eskimos being baptized with coke – and whether that’s valid or not? This story shows the face of human compassion, instead of cold legalities.

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