More on the shooter

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, he was a neo-nazi.

The Southern Law Poverty Center, a group that has studied hate crimes for decades, reported Monday that Page was a frustrated neo-Nazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band known as End Apathy.


He bought the gun within the last ten days. NBC News observes:

Wisconsin has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country and had passed a law in 2011 allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon.

‘Nuff said.

1 thought on “More on the shooter

  1. Just a comment on the gun laws part. Wisconsin requires what the Federal Government requires plus includes a 48 hour waiting period that most states do not require. Wisconsin also runs it’s own handgun background checks that are far more inclusive than the Federal NICS and charges $13 per background check. This is not quite the same as being “some of the most permissive” in the nation and certainly are considerably more restrictive than Arizona, Alaska or Vermont, for example.

    Also with respect to the concealed carry law, I’d be willing to bet that almost every vote in the extra 6% that Governor Walker won the recall by were from people who preferred his firearms policy to that of former Mayor Barrett. Up north there is a large amount of fear and loathing of perceived gun grabbers. For good bad or indifferent, when many of your meals require that deer or two each fall, “do-gooders” from the big city are not going to gain any traction.

    The only way things will change is by changing the very basis of the county’s culture and that will only happen when we are willing to pay to eliminate poverty, ensure proper health & mental health care for all & ensure a proper education for all. To try and significantly change the gun laws prior to that will work even worse than the current war on drugs.

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