Today’s items of note from the Episcopal Blogosphere

Laura Toepfer has some ideas on how to use the recent publicity concerning the Episcopal Church to welcome newcomers.

The Curate’s Desk on what really matters:

It may sound nonsensical or naive but I truly think the most crucial task for the Church is not growth, justice, discipleship, survival, nor restructuring. The most crucial task facing the Church is worship. We must strive anew for a way of being the Body together. The world’s, and the Church’s, desperate need now is for that expanded awareness of the presence of God – the enlarging of the Eucharistic action to encompass relationships that desperately need healing, hearts that are broken, hopes that are shattered, memories that are fraught with pain, and even nations that seem lost.

Frederick Schmidt: “Why Convention 2012 doesn’t matter:” “It’s the ecclesiology.”

A rather different perspective on General Convention. From Nick Knisely, who’s been a deputy since 2003, was elected Bishop of Rhode Island this spring, and moved from his seat in the House of Deputies to the House of Bishops:

A number of people asked me about the differences between the House of Bishops and of Deputies. There are two strong impressions. One is that the people in the House of Bishops know that they will be coming back to the next convention. Unlike the deputies who are re-elected each triennium, the bishops are members of their House for the rest of their life. That automatically gives a different rhythm to the conversation. The bishops all know each other, they respect each other even when they disagree and they take collegiality very seriously. One of the bishops mentioned to me that he thought the particular charism of the office of bishop was “unity”. It took me a while to agree with that, but having watched the House of Bishops stress the importance of their communal life which is meant to serve as an icon to the rest of the Episcopal Church, I eventually came to understood his point.

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