Today’s best from General Convention

From a young adult, pondering the role of Young Adults at General Convention:

This is an exciting GC because of all the discussion centered on including more young adults or ensuring that they are better represented. This is a step forward. But I cannot stop thinking that if everyone’s, and I mean everyone’s, mindsets about young adults doesn’t change, than we’ll all be in big trouble. Older generations need to view us as equals and realize the fact that though we may not have the experience, we tend to be folks that have a whole lot of vision and a lot of passion to see that vision brought forth to life. I find that quite exciting—especially in our time of desperate need for renewed visions.

In the midst of General Convention, a baptism in a fountain

Bishop Greg Rickel (Olympia) on the continuing absence of offerings during Convention Eucharists. He points out that “Starbucks wins!

Bishop Dan Martins (Springfield) on yesterday’s work in the House of Bishops

More commentary on Acts 8

Andy Jones

2 thoughts on “Today’s best from General Convention

  1. Thank you for the link to the story of the fountain. The liturgy of baptism as it is in the ’79 prayer book is one of the glories of the modern Episcopal church and it’s good to see it celebrated in such a joyful manner for someone who so truly wanted to “come to church”.Bishop Rickel’s words were good & true but it is this baptism that gives me hope for our faith and our church.

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