More great publicity for the Episcopal Church

As if we didn’t have enough to deal with as General Convention approaches. Today, judgments came down in unrelated cases but in each, the property rights of the Episcopal Church were protected.

The first is the more troublesome for the Church. It pitted the wealthiest parish in the church against a group of Occupy Wall Street protestors, including retired Bishop George Packer. The protestors were found guilty of trespassing, and sentenced to 4 days community service (one received 45 days).

It should never have come to this. The Church, and by Church I mean the Episcopal Church and its episcopal leadership, should have found some way to mediate this dispute without it going to court. It’s bad for the Church, it’s bad publicity.

The other judgments had to do with the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear property disputes from parishes in CT and GA. I’m sure there are more working their way through the courts, at great financial cost to all.

Where’s the good news of Jesus Christ in all of this?

Oh, by the way, the Episcopal Church welcomes you.

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