Anglicanism for Millennials–Any recommendations?

Over the past few months, I’ve had conversations with several millennials about the Episcopal Church. They found their way to our red doors through various means, find our liturgy attractive, and what to engage the tradition more deeply. I do regular newcomers’ classes, meet with them individually to answer questions and learn about their spiritual journeys, and inevitably the question comes, “Is there something I can read?”

I can answer their questions about scripture, tradition, and reason; I can talk about liturgy, the Elizabethan Settlement. If they’re really interested we talk about General Convention, diocesan and parish structure, well you get the picture. What I can’t do is answer that question, “Is there something I can read?”

My first thought is always Urban Holmes, What is Anglicanism? Unfortunately, I lent several copies over the years, and they seem not to have returned to my bookshelves. And frankly, I wonder whether after 30 years, Holmes speaks to the concerns and lives of young adult seekers. So…

For thoughtful, well-educated, young adults coming from Christian traditions left or right, what would you recommend? They want meat, not fluff, and very often they are dealing with significant baggage from their pasts.

4 thoughts on “Anglicanism for Millennials–Any recommendations?

  1. This may not be quite what you’re looking for, but I’ve learned an awful lot at the website Full Homely Divinity; most of what I know about Anglicanism came from here.

    They publish articles and have a book section, too. (The site is in frames, so I’ve linked directly to those pages.) And, there’s lots of stuff on the liturgical year, and on all aspects of Anglicanism, past and present.

    For myself, I read Evelyn Underhill’s Worship early on – but again, that may not be quite what you’re thinking of. Love the EU, though – and she doesn’t seem to go out of style….

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