Inviting people to church

People who come to Grace for Sunday morning services know that I like to stand outside on the corner of W. Washington Ave. and N. Carroll before services, to welcome them in. Few probably know that I am also inclined to invite passers-by. Sometimes I make a joke about it, as I did a few weeks ago when a group of runners came by. I assured them there was no need to hurry, they were five minutes early.

Inviting friends, neighbors, coworkers, even relatives to church is not something most Episcopalians like to do. The very word evangelism strikes fear in our hearts. We worry that we might offend someone.

ECF’s Vital Posts has two interesting posts on inviting people to church:

Here’s Mary Parmer talking about how a simple invitation from a friend was life-transforming.

Here’s Richelle Thompson on an Episcopal Church that passed out gum to its members with the message: “It’s up to you to invite someone to church on Easter Sunday.”

And finally, advice from a visitor. It’s well worth reading.

So, anyone going to issue invitations to services this week? Have you ever invited someone to church?


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