the state of the film industry

The LA Times provides a chart:

I haven’t been paying close attention, which may reflect how busy my life is in other ways; but it also probably is due to the lack of interesting movies and the outrageous prices charged for them. I tried to count the number of movies I actually saw in 2011 and am guessing the total is less than 10.

Roger Ebert offers his perspective on why movie revenues were flat in 2011. By and large, I think he’s right. I saw my first 3D movie this month, Scorsese’s Hugo, and I don’t think it was worth the extra money.

But film retains its power to transform us, and to transport us to a different world and to challenge us to think about life in new ways. I saw Descendants this week and was deeply moved. Perhaps I’ll blog about it in the next day or two.


3 thoughts on “the state of the film industry

    • You know, I gave up on Woody Allen about twenty years ago, but I’ve heard that Midnight in Paris is quite fine. I’ll check it out on Netflix.

  1. Kevin Drum got it exactly right! Were there really more than 10 films worth going to see in a theater during 2011? I doubt it. Roger Ebert points out all the positive points about “War Horse” (a film I have not seen), but my initial response to the trailers that were all over the TV screen in the last few weeks was not so really positive. What I still do not understand is why another war movie should be released in theaters on Christmas Day!! Oh Yes, there was another even more disgusting celebration of violence that came out the same day — but I have repressed the title.

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