How could it get any worse? The latest on St. Paul’s Cathedral

1) Fifteen minutes before the scheduled begin of the re-opening service, the Cathedral announces it will participate in efforts to evict the protestors.

2) Former Archbishop of Canterbury sounds note of reason in op-ed (He’s actually in Wisconsin today for the installation of the new Dean and President of Nashotah House):

One moment the church was reclaiming a valuable role in hosting public protest and scrutiny, the next it was looking in turns like the temple which Jesus cleansed, or the officious risk-averse ’elf ’n safety bureaucracy of urban legend. How could the dean and chapter at St Paul’s have let themselves get into such a position?

3) A cartoon from The Guardian

A guide to the staff of a cathedral (for those non-Anglicans out there:

Dean: someone called Dean. Or failing that, Graham. Anyway, it’s a mans name, which explains why there are so few female Deans. The last known sightings were in the 1980s, (Hazell Dean, Brenda Dean)

Sub Dean: Someone else called Dean whose job it is to go out to the sandwich shop to get lunch for everyone else.

Chancellor: Runs the economy, sets the levels of taxation for visitors to the Cathedral, appears regularly on TV.

There’s more.

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