Anglicans and #OWS

I’ve not been following the #OccupyWallStreet events closely, but I did come across mention of two churches that have been directly affected and involved with the protests. Trinity Church Wall Street is very close to Zuccotti Park, the center of the protests, and has offered hospitality to protestors, and offered as well to be a place of reconciliation. Here’s the official statement. Their community center, Charlotte’s Place, has offered hospitality, respite, and laptop recharging. And they have already begun the work of reconciliation.

In London, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been the scene of protests as well. People have been camping out on the grounds and steps, and protestors entered the building on October 16. Police who entered the church in order to evict the protestors were asked to leave. The presence of protestors has affected the cathedral’s income from tourism, but Cathedral officials deny asking the protestors to leave. Details are available here. The Guardian’s story is here.

#OccupyMadison is rather small and located a block away from Grace Church so it doesn’t directly impact us as the earlier protests did this year, and we’ve not been directly asked to support them in any way. But I’m heartened to see other churches responding to protests outside their doors in ways similar to our response last winter and spring.



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