4 thoughts on “Another Reason to Oppose the “New Atheists”

  1. First, even if the so-called New Atheists were generally sexist – which they are not –, this would be no reason to oppose their standpoints on religion. The mistake of such an argument is that it directs against the person, not the person’s standpoint or particular arguments given for that standpoint.
    For instance, the German facists opposed the theory of relativity because it had been produced by a nominal Jew, Albert Einstein. Being a nominal Jew, however, does not render a theory false.
    This becomes most obvious if you consider the proposition ‘Two plus two equals four.’ Regardless of who utters it, be it you, I, my neighbour, David Cameron, Barack Obama, the pope, a rabbi, a mullah, a rascist, a fascist, a democrat, or a dictator – it remains true.

    Second, the argumentation of that very article you linked to reduces to some poor assertions of facts, and, even worse, a false and exaggerated interpretation of them.
    From the fact that the most popular or best-known figures of the New Atheism – a label under which the television channel FOX subsumed quite arbitrarily some authors and their works, such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens – are all men it does not follow that these very men are sexist. The same is true for the fact that these men’s opinions on religion are the best-known to the public. Indeed, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens all argue explicitly against organized religion on the ground that the latter discriminates against women.
    When they refer to women being more absorbed by religious or metaphysical beliefs in general than men, they do not mean that women are principally inferior to men. Instead, they refer to the manner our society raises children. While boys are encouraged to use their intellect, to be sceptical, and to challenge other people’s views on a rational basis, girls are most often instructed to hold back their own views, to leave the rational arguments and discussions to men, and to care most of all for appealing to the other sex. This means that women are not more prone to metaphysical beliefs in prinicpal, that is to say, due to their very nature, but owing to contingent societal structures. In other words, if these societal structures changed, all women could be so sceptical to metaphysical beliefs and religious beliefs in particular as are the men known as the New Atheists.

    • That post, my friend, was sarcasm. I have rehearsed the serious arguments against the “new atheists” at length on this blog and find them convincing.

  2. I am quite busy at the moment. It would be quite helpful, therefore, if you could please name your posts which deal with the ‘New Atheism’, so that I need not explicitly search them by going through all of your posts. Thank you very much in advance!

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