Update on St. Francis House


In response to concerns from the neighbors of St. Francis House, the developers have revised their proposal to include an 8-story rather than 14-story tower. The proposal is now working its way back through the approval process. This week, the Urban Design Commission gave its go ahead subject to some minor alterations. The next important meetings are the Plan Commission on September 19 and the Common Council meeting on September 20. Bishop Miller has written a letter to all of the Madison-area Episcopal parishes, urging members to write letters to members of the Plan Commission and City Alders.

As I have said before, this project is an important step in the revitalization of Episcopal Campus Ministry for the 21st century.  The development itself will provide the revenue stream necessary to fund that ministry. But this is not just about money. I am most excited about plans for the ministry and especially for the future of St. Francis House itself. The developers’ architects will be using the original plans for the chapel as they design a renovation of the original chapel for worship. This will restore the chapel’s aesthetic integrity and create (or re-create) a beautiful worship space for the use of the ministry.. More information about the proposed development is available on the St. Andrew’s website.

Earlier discussion of the development is here.

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