More links on Islam and Islamophobia

The cousin of the Ft. Hood shooter has started an anti-terrorism foundation.

Andrew Sullivan points to this chart from a Brookings Institution study of American values after 9-11:

What it means: If a Christian (say Anders Breivik) commits an act of terrorism, only 13% of Christian Americans identify him as Christian. If a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, 44% of Muslims identify him or her as Muslim. In other words, Americans operate with a double-standard, refusing to accept that Christians can do despicable things (“they’re not really Christian”). But of course our faith proclaims that we are all sinners in need of forgiveness.

Patheos identifies the top ten (+1) Islamophobes.

On the other hand, Eric Trager reports on the high percentage of Arabs who don’t believe Al-Qaeda or Arabs perpetrated the 9-11 attacks.

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