Spiritual, not religious–another view

Amy Thompson Sevimli‘s perspective on the piece by Lillian Daniel:

What I have found, however, is that the phrase is almost always a gateway into a deeper conversation about their spirituality (even if it is about sunsets). It is an opportunity for them to talk about their faith and their experience of the church — which, by the way, has usually been negative.

And this:

Instead of fully engaging those outside our churches, we sit back and wonder why the mass of spiritual but not religious people don’t walk through our doors. But honestly, why would someone who can read our condescending views of their sense of spirituality want to come to church at all?

My earlier take, here.

1 thought on “Spiritual, not religious–another view

  1. Lillian Daniel’s scornful piece did nothing to entice me to join her community. In fact, if her community does not inspire others to feel the presence of a higher power as much as a “beach at sunset” does, whose fault is it?

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