Are you ready for the Rapture?

Killing the Buddha just might be the best way to follow this week’s Rapturemania. It’s a great site overall and their coverage on Harold Camping is great.

KtB editor Nathan Schneider has an essay elsewhere. In it, he admits to his own youthful apocalyptic fervor, including ritual listening to Harold Camping’s radio show. He has been following Camping’s movement and has this to say:

Some of my encounters with the 2012 crowd, however, have actually made me more tolerant of apocalyptic date-setting. While reporting on colonies of American expatriates in Costa Rica, I met 2012 adherents who dared to live quite impressive lives off the grid, growing their own food and pioneering new kinds of sustainable living. The prospect of an impending end can paradoxically motivate people to work toward a better future.

Ted Cox reports on his visit to the offices of Camping’s Family Radio and interviews Tom Evans. Money quote:

What will he do if he wakes up May 22? Grab coffee? Come in to work?

“No, it’s far more serious than that,” he replies. “I’ve said if you boil everything down it’s really trusting the Bible. If you can’t trust the Bible, then you got nothing. There’s no truth.”

I used to tell my students that of all Christian doctrines, the one for which their was incontrovertible proof of its falsehood was the belief that Jesus Christ was coming back soon. A close second is all of those people over the centuries who have given a certain date for Jesus’ return. They have all been proven false. Still, the apocalypse lures us in.

On a lighter note:

Moral advice for those who expect to be raptured:

And if you’ve got nothing planned for the day after:

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