First Monday at Grace (April)

Last night marked a major seasonal change for our first Mondays. The shelter switched to summer hours on March 20 and restrictions on the number of nights guests could stay also began to be enforced (Although because of the unseasonably cold weather the last couple of weeks of March, several nights continued to see numbers more typical of winter).

What that means for us is that we had fewer guests join us, probably about 100, including a large contingent of people who weren’t staying in the shelter last night. We served a little bit later, but we had just as much fun.

The food was Italian and the music was bluegrass.

The music was provided by members of the Oak Street Ramblers:

Even though it was late, and the NCAA finals were on, a couple of guys stayed to listen to the music. One was heard to say, “That’s hillbilly music, and I’m a hillbilly.”

As a follow-up to theĀ  post about medical care, one guest came in wearing a surgical mask, and as he left, he told me that he had pneumonia.

As we prepared the meal, we could hear sounds from the rally going on at the Capitol. I popped out a couple of times to see the action. Several thousand people were there to hear Jesse Jackson speak on the anniversary of MLK’s assassination in 1968.

Special thanks to the Oak Street Ramblers for providing the music, to some students from St. Francis House (the Episcopal Chaplaincy at UW) who volunteered, and a happy birthday to Emma, who shared a birthday cake with volunteers after we were done serving.

See everyone next month!

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