More on Rob Bell

Brian McLaren’s Huffington Post essay in defense of Rob Bell and rebutting Al Mohler. In the context of dealing with Mohler’s attacks, McLaren also asks some pointed questions about “the decline of mainline Protestantism.” Perhaps the most salient concerns the conservative argument that mainline Protestants succumbed to secular culture. Here’s his response:

To more and more of us these days, conservative Evangelical/fundamentalist theology looks and sounds more and more like secular conservatism — economic and political — simply dressed up in religious language. If that’s the case, even if Dr. Mohler is right in every detail of his critique, he’d still be wise to apply the flip side of his warning to his own beloved community.

In another blog post, McLaren points out other evangelical voices who support Bell, if even only partially.

Rob Bell himself gives some background on why he wrote the book here.

My friend (and former student!) the Very Rev’d Jake Owensby, Dean of the Cathedral of St. Mark in Baton Rouge, has written a thoughtful series of posts on heaven and hell. You can read it here.


1 thought on “More on Rob Bell

  1. Great links.

    In the most serious of critiques, I hear an under current that seems to be a fear of what Bonhoeffer considered “Cheap Grace” though I’d not see it that way at all. Much harder to live the right way simply because it’s right, not because of a hope of reward or fear of punishment.

    I think that tonight would be a good time to sit back, reread Hooker’s “A Learned Discourse of Justification, Works, and how the Foundation of Faith is Overthrown” & ponder just how many times over how many centuries all of us can get our tail feathers in an uproar over the same basic arguments.


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