First Mondays at Grace

We’ve been calling it the Shelter Meal but that doesn’t describe what takes place at Grace. On the first Monday of each month. Grace takes its turn providing the evening meal for the guests of the Men’s Drop-In Shelter. This was something that began long before I arrived at Grace, but Corrie and I thought it had the potential of becoming something quite exciting. It has.

We try to create a great meal, and great community as well–among the shelter guests, and visitors from the community who might come in for a meal–community for our volunteers, too. We invite our guests to come in and take a seat, and our volunteers offer table service. While they eat, we have musical guests, sometimes from Grace, sometimes from the larger community. While the meal, service, and clean-up is staffed by Grace parishioners, there are also people from the community who come in and help out. For example, I met a guy tonight who works on Capitol Square but lives on the west side. He wanted to volunteer downtown, so he contated us. I’m sure he will be back.

Besides fellowship and entertainment, we also want to provide a delicious meal. Tonight in honor of Mardi Gras, we had chicken and sausage jambalaya, roasted sweet potatoes, and corn and black bean salad. For dessert, there was ice cream (Sassy Cow gave us an incredible deal on incredible ice cream! Thanks so much!), banana sauce and chocolate sauce. We all had a great time. Here are some photos:


The Midtown Jazz band warming up. They were hot!

The band likes to brag that they have over 300 years of experience playing jazz.

In the middle of all that’s going on around us on Capitol Square, it’s good to do something tangible that touches the lives of people and puts the gospel into action.

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