Why I blog

The article in the Wisconsin State Journal prompted me to think about this question. I’ve been doing it since 2007, but I’ve been much more active as a blogger since moving to Madison than ever before. One reason for my increased presence as a blogger is that I have more time. But it’s also about communication. There are various ways in which pastors can communicate with their congregation. The most obvious is the sermon. There are also newsletters, items in the service bulletin, announcements and the like.

A blog is another way of communicating. There are things that come up in the course of a day, or a week, that don’t merit a great deal of attention–items of curiosity, interest, or confusion–that seem worth a hundred words or so, but don’t deserve a sermon. There are also things that don’t need “official” sanction or items that need immediate attention or ongoing reflection–certainly developments in the Anglican Communion belong to this category–for which parishioners might like some informal input to help understand.

There are also things that I simply want to make a quick, or more reflective, comment on. I blog for all of these reasons and sometimes, simply because I’ve got something I want to say, and I don’t really care whether there’s anyone who will read it.

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