An interesting article in the NY Times about hunger, wealth and an Episcopal Church

The New York Times published an article about the food pantry at All Saints’ Chicago, which is located in one of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The article is here. The author describes something similar to what I’ve noted in the line-up for the homeless shelter here at Grace. Of course the neighbors complain about the pantry attracting “misbegotten souls.” How familiar is that?

Apparently the church was vandalized today, causing considerable damage. That article is here.

I was warned before I arrived in Madison about those who would like the shelter relocated elsewhere, out of sight and out of mind. Some advocates of the shelter refer to such critics as “our enemies.” That’s language I reject. We’re not at war with anyone and I think it’s important to listen to those complaints and to talk with people who voice them. But the fact of the matter is, there would be homeless people on Capitol Square, with or without the presence of a shelter and moving the shelter away from downtown would only make the lives of homeless people more difficult.

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