Mark “The Bird” Fydrich

Ok, I know this blog is supposed to be about theological and religious stuff. But The Bird died today, and the news took me back 33 years to my youth. I grew up a Tigers fan. I remember as if it were yesterday their seven game victory in the 1968 world series, and if pressed I could probably name the 25 man roster for the series. The Tigers were in one of their down periods in the mid 70s and Fydrich’s appearance on the scene gave us all a dose of hope. He had an incredible season in 1976 and it was a tragedy that he never followed it up successfully. But for one year, at a time when we in the Midwest were struggling as many do today, he brought a beacon of hope to our lives. May he rest in peace. You may read the obit on AP but for the full story you need to go to the Detroit Free Press. Start here.

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