Same Sex Blessings conversation continuing in the Diocese of Milwaukee

After a lengthy hiatus (since August, 2012), conversations among clergy in the Diocese of Milwaukee will begin again. My earlier reports on the conversations here and throughout the church are available here. Two developments since our last conversation may affect … Continue reading

Anglican Fudge or Anglican Genius? Bishops respond to General Convention’s actions on Same Sex Blessings

The approval of General Convention resolution A049, to authorize the provisional use of the rite for the blessing of same sex relationships has created an interesting dynamic in TEC. The resolution placed authority for the use of such rites in … Continue reading

Same Sex Blessings, Same Sex Marriage

Scott Gunn has blogged his perspectives on the materials produced by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Mission. I’ve been thinking about them as well, more intensely in the last day or two, and I would like to offer my … Continue reading

Same-Sex Blessings and Marriage: Bishop Miller’s statement

Last week, Bishop Miller sent clergy in the Diocese of Milwaukee a draft letter in which he laid out his thinking on the proposed liturgies for the Blessing of Same Gender Unions, and the evolving understanding of marriage. A week … Continue reading